Family Tree

I know my tree is very unclear and for some reason I cannot get the website to also list my Mom’s parents at the same time it’s listing my Dad’s, which is so weird but its okay. Anyways my Grandma’s name is Fern and I’ve been told my Grandpa’s name was Howard. My Grandma’s newContinue reading “Family Tree”

Perfect Meal

Organic cage-free eggs (fried) Corn tortillas (warmed up) Homemade salsa made from organic ingredients Avocado slices Spanish Rice (onions, minced garlic, long grain rice, oil, tomato sauce, cumin, vegetable broth, spices) Cotija Cilantro Black beans Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my perfect meal on my phone, which I thought I did going into this.Continue reading “Perfect Meal”

People Who Inspire Me!

I chose to include people within my own life that have inspired me. My brother Dalton (bottom right) has inspired me throughout his life, he is incredibly resilient and positive even in times of strife. He is seven years older than me. Growing up, I remember seeing him struggle throughout school with his ADHD andContinue reading “People Who Inspire Me!”


For this zine, I decided to paint an interpretation of Mount Rainier. It is most certainly not perfect, but I am not much of an artist so I think it’s pretty good. I feel like Mount Rainier is incredibly symbolic of Western Washington. At home, I can see it almost everywhere I drive, especially SouthContinue reading “Mountains”

Perfect Places

Snohomish. Not only the name of a city, but also the county the residents reside in. Originally known This place, originally named after the Snohomish tribe, sits at the junction of the Pilchuck River and the Snohomish river. Before it was known as Snohomish, it was called Cadyville until 1871, then the town began toContinue reading “Perfect Places”


When I was young I thought fall was my favorite. The leaves all changing colors and the crisp air. The arrival of wind and later sunrises and earlier sunsets. I thought I loved it, I thought I loved leaf piles and pumpkin carving and all the fall favorites. And then I got older. I’m notContinue reading “Autumn”


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